Projected Work Schedule – Outage/Shutdown/Turnaround

Below is a list of projected upcoming work scheduled for Day & Zimmermann's nuclear, fossil, and process & industrial markets. To review the address of a specific site, click on the site name below. 

*Projected Work Schedule subject to change.

Spring 2019

SiteStart DateGet Directions
Hatch 02/06/2019 Directions
Brunswick 03/02/2019 Directions
North Anna 03/02/2019 Directions
D C Cook 03/06/2019 Directions
Perry 03/09/2019 Directions
Vogtle 03/10/2019 Directions
McGuire 03/23/2019 Directions
Farley 04/05/2019 Directions
Comanche Peak 04/07/2019 Directions
Palo Verde 04/10/2019 Directions
Ghent 04/16/2019 Directions
Salem 04/16/2019 Directions
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